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Tanning skin. Making a sunburn

Today we will make a sunburn in the photo. Open the photo we will process.

Activate «Select by Color» tool. Set its parameters as shown below.


Now select all the light areas of skin on the photos. If the skin areas are separated by clothes hold Shift key to click all of them.

Copy and paste the selection as a new layer (Edit — Paste as — New Layer). Now we will process with the second layer and make the skin darker. Use the «Curves» tool (Color — Curves). Change the curves as shown in the picture below.


The result should look as in the picture below.

Many photos do not have white background so the color may change. To keep the background color unchanged you need to take «Free Select Tool», select the entire background and delete it.

Sunburn is ready. This tanning skin looks like milk chocolate. Change the layer’s opacity to adjust the intensity of the sunburn. I recommend to chose 60% to make skin more natural.

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