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Restore color on old red-over saturated photo

Recently I have faced the problem of old photos color restoration. I surfed the net and tried to find tutorials for color restoration of Red Over-Saturated Photos. I searched for «restore color on old red-over saturated photo», «restore colors on photo», «restore old red-over saturated photos», «restore the original photo color» and so on. To my great disappointment I have found nothing. In few days I was sent a link with a tutorial, which I’d try to adaptate for usage in GIMP.

So, we have an old photo with a red tint that has lost it’s color.

It turned out to be very easy. For color restoration you should use tool «Levels» (Colors — Levels). In opened window you will see many sliders and drop-down menus. We need only those pipettes that are situated almost in the end of the window:

Press on the right (light) pipette and click on the lightest area in the picture. Then press the left (dark) pipette and click on the darkest area. You can choose the area you like until you are satisfied with the results of color adjustment.

The result of adjustments:

In principle, it can be enough, but I have decreased a little the dark blue and sky blue colors in semitones and bright parts of the picture.

For the better result you can select the parts of the picture with help of Free select tool, move them to the new layer and work with it using Color Balance.

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