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Rejuvenation of people

Open the man’s photo.

The first thing I’m going to do is darkening the gray hair. Create a new layer to darken the hair. Set the blending mode to «Overlay». Take the right size brush. Set the foreground color to black and start painting hair. Do not forget about the eyebrows, they also turn grey.

The second and the most important point are wrinkles. They should be removed. I use the «Healing tool» which looks like a plaster to remove wrinkles. I set opacity 85% and chose the soft-edged round brush in the tool’s Settings Tab.

The principle of operation with this brush is the following. It copies the piece of the texture from the specified location and inserts it where the brush paints. Then it adjusts color, brightness and contrast of the piece at the new location.

In order to take the sample (the piece of texture), press the Ctrl key and click at the location where the sample should be taken. After that the sample piece will be encircled the brush size and its center will be signed with the cross.

After working with the healing brush I get such picture:

Now you need to pick up sagging skin on the face and emphasize man’s facial features. I’ll use «Free Select Tool». Select and copy the sagged face area. Create a new layer for this area. Use the «Move Tool» and move a little the area to the opposite direction. Now delete hard texture transitions by using eraser. Flatten the image and repeat the steps until you get the desired result.

If the face’s form became distorted then you can correct it by using «Free Select Tool». Make the selection of the face’s wrong areas and fill it with the background color.

After all the manipulations I’ve got this one:

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