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How to apply makeup in GIMP: eyeshadow

Open the photo you will be working with. You can use keyboard shortcut Ctrl + O. Create a new layer.

Choose the Paintbrush tool and set size 17 pixels. Apply the foreground color # 00448f. Paint eyelids on the new layer.

Add a new layer again and specify the blending mode «Overlay». (Blending modes are in the drop-down list in the layers tab). Begin to paint eyeshadows, erasing unwanted areas to get the soft gradient.

Use Color Picker Tool to select the darkest color of the eyelashes. Create a new layer and set the blending mode «Multiply». Use Paintbrush tool sized 17 pixels to draw the eyes. Use the soft brush to erase unwanted areas.

That’s all. The result should look like this:

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