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Fuzzy photo frame

Actually, a lot of people are really interested in making a blurred border. It’s relatively easy to make it using Gimp.

Let’s open the photo to which the border will be added.

I have the image size 700×467 and I’ll specify all the parameters for this size. Therefore, if the size of your photo is different then experiment.

I’d like to draw attention the blurred border is making the same way using Photoshop. So you can use the lesson in it with some amendments.

Make a copy of the visible layer (Layer — New from Visible). Select the entire image (Select — All) and shrink the selection to 15–30 px (Select — Shrink).

We’ve selected the central part of the image. Now invert the selection (Select — Invert). Use the filter «Gaussian Blur» (Filter — Blur — Gaussian Blur) with the parameter 5–10 px.

After applying the filter we have a primitive blurred frame:

In some cases it may be enough but as you can see the border is not much visible. So let’s make it more noticeable.

The selection must still be active, we haven’t removed it. Invert the selection back and delete the central part of the blurred frame layer (Del keyboard key). Now the selection can be removed (Select — None).

Then you should go to the menu Color-Curves and give more brightness to the edging by sliding the curve as you can see on the screenshot:

The result is:

You can make the border even more noticeable using filter «Drop Shadow» (Filters — Light and Shadow — Drop Shadow). Uncheck «Allow resize» and decrease the standard parameters of the shadow like this:

You’ll get a neat little shadow. If it is not visible you can increase or decrease the intensity by changing the opacity of the drop shadow layer on the Layers toolbar.


If the shadow is not suitable you can add a white rim within the photo.

How can you get a blurred border with a white rim?

Skip the step with the shadow and select the entire image. After that reduce the selection to 40 px. Go to the menu «Select — Border». The window opens. Enter 1 px in it and click apply.

Now you should create a new layer (Layer — New Layer) and fill it with white color. You can simply drag the white color to the image from the toolbar.


Now remove selection and you get the final result:

You can change white rim’s opacity on the Layers toolbar. You can integrate the technology by addition the shadow and the white rim.

Once again, the blurred border in Photoshop is making almost by the same steps. So the lesson can be used in Photoshop too.

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