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Frames for GIMP

GIMP frames usually consist of several layers with the provided place for your picture. The frames are the perfect solution for the theme albums, various cards or invitations. The picture that has been edited this way will probably bring a great pleasure and positive emotions to its owner.

«With love» – the set of GIMP frames

The set of the perfect qualitative frames for the pictures. The love pictures, decorated with the help of these frames, will produce great impression on people in love who do not feel shy to prove their feelings as often as it is possible.

With love – the set of GIMP frames

XCF. 84.2 Mb.

The framework for «I love you» Gimp

An excellent romantic frame for Gimp. The picture, decorated with the help of this frame, will tell about your feelings to the beloved person better than any word. The most gorgeous flowers will emphasize the whole nobility of the moment.

The framework for I love you Gimp

XCF. 11.0 Mb.

The romantic «Cloudy love» GIMP frame

Truly loving people see the image of the beloved person everywhere, even in the clouds. This fantastic frame without the excessive romance will tell about your feelings and will reveal the whole essence to the person who gets your picture, decorated with the help of this frame.

The romantic Cloudy love GIMP frame

XCF. 28.9 Mb.

The «Bunch of the tea roses» GIMP frame

This frame is created in the gentle colors and perfectly underlines the nobility of the moment. The dainty, gorgeous flowers attach the additional chic to the frame. It can suit fine for the decoration of the wedding invitations.

The Bunch of the tea roses GIMP frame

PNG. 12.4 Mb.

«Romantic» Gimp frame

The picture that has been decorated with the help of this romantic, beautiful, bright, but not loud GIMP frame with the smooth, but not accurate lines, will touch the heart of the sensitive person. The card will emphasize the whole sincerity of your feelings.

Romantic Gimp frame

XCF. 1.9 Mb.


Besides the possibility to download free GIMP, you will find a section with FAQs for the beginners, the best brushes, various frames and plug-ins on our website. Also you can learn about the possibilities of GIMP, see the gallery of works made in this graphics editor and download costumes, calendars and templates free.

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