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Patterns for GIMP

This section contains the free patterns for Gimp. It is easy enough to download the patterns; therefore, it is not necessary to register on our web site. If you need a pattern for GIMP, you will probably find the beautiful one among our patterns.

«The kitchen» GIMP pattern

Elegant, simple and very beautiful free of charge pattern that shows the tea drinking will suit those people who prefer quite color gamma. The image is stylized for the watercolor picture that does not strain the eye.

The kitchen GIMP pattern

XCF. 11.3 Mb.

«The snowy» patterns for Gimp

A snow-covered house, a snowman and a small teddy bear – these three charming GIMP patterns on the winter subject will go very well with the congratulation cards or the picture frame. The colors that have been picked up for the images are very touching and romantic. Many of us associate these colors with our childhood.

The snowy patterns for Gimp

XCF. 20.3 Mb.

«The starry» GIMP pattern

The pattern depicts three stars that charm with their simplicity and elegance. Drawn to the details decorative elements perfectly fit into the image composition and win the hearts with their simplicity. The stars on the black background look great, as, actually, in the real life.

Звездный шаблон для GIMP

XCF. 1.01 Mb.

«The eastern cuisine» patterns are the set of the GIMP patterns

The set consists of four amazing patterns and each of them is elaborated to the details. These patterns (or their elements) can be the good bases for the culinary web site or kitchen blogs designing.

The eastern cuisine patterns are the set of the GIMP patterns

XCF. 58.9 Mb.

«The cinema» Gimp patterns

These qualitative patterns should be appreciated by the cinema fans. These patterns can suit great for the excellent picture frames or the cards for the cinema fans. Moreover, these patterns may serve as the bases for the concept or for the creation of the cinema site elements designing.

The cinema Gimp patterns

XCF. 26.5 Mb.


Besides the possibility to download free GIMP, you will find a section with FAQs for the beginners, the best brushes, various frames and plug-ins on our website. Also you can learn about the possibilities of GIMP, see the gallery of works made in this graphics editor and download costumes, calendars and templates free.

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