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2014.02.28 (19:36)fMaking B&W photos colored

2014.02.20 (19:31)fHow to do frog tongue

2014.02.15 (2:06)Restore old red-over saturated photos

2014.02.03 (1:58)Fuzzy photo frame

2014.01.28 (18:46)How to level the horizon

2014.01.23 (15:46)Cross Processing

2014.01.18 (0:00)Tanning skin. Making a sunburn

2013.12.20 (10:04)How to apply makeup in GIMP: eyeshadow

2013.12.07 (16:44)High pass in GIMP

2013.12.01 (1:36)Rejuvenation of people

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