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UFRaw plug-in. Work with RAW

RAW is the picture format that has no definite specification, but possesses a huge number of modifications. This format is usually called the digital negatives as it contains unedited (or a bit edited) picture data; this peculiarity helps to avoid the information loss.

UFRaw (Unidentified Flying Raw) is GIMP plug-in for work with the RAW digital negatives. UFRaw supports a great number of RAW formats of various digital camera developers. It can function both as the separate software and as the plug-in for GIMP in Windows.

Interface of the RAW plug-in work window

UFRaw supports the original factory presettings of the white balance and automatic white balance, expocorrection and autocorrection effects.

UFRaw can control the image color: the target profile, the camera profile and the monitor profile. Moreover, it also supports the correction of distortion that is caused by the camera optics: the geometric errors, chromatic aberrations and so on.

UFRaw is installed in Windows like any other software. You do not need to copy anything.

Latest version for Windows. 1.6 Мб.

Official website UFRaw:


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