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Download the plug-in PSPI for the GIMP

Some GIMP users feel the lack of the filters and plug-ins; they want to attach Photoshop plug-ins. The PSPI plug-in was specially created for these users in 2001. This plug-in can plug several Photoshop .8bf dimension filters.

PSPI was primarily written for Windows users only, but in March, 2006 this plug-in became accessible for Linux users as well.

How to install the plug-in:

To install the plug-in you should copy the file with the plug-in to the folder that contains the GIMP plug-ins: :\Documents and Settings\user_name\.gimp-2.6\plug-ins. You need to reload Gimp afterwards.

At the first launch of the program, GIMP will be a bit slow. Do not worry, it will not be so slow at the next launch.

How to adjust the plug-in:

After the launch of the graphic editor it is necessary to enter the menu «Filters – Photoshop Plug-in Settings» and chose the place where the Photoshop plug-ins will be kept in the plug-in adjustment (.8bf dimension files).

Reload the program to save Photoshop filters in GIMP. The new filter will appear in the «Filters» menu.

Latest version for Windows. 19.5 Kb.


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