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Liquid Rescale plug-in

Liquid Rescale is one of the zooming effects that considers the image content and its certain details, in particular. With the change of the picture size, the key objects change as well.

The technology originator compares it with the work of the web sites that adjust the site elements to the new size and preserve the other elements while changing the browser window size. These changes are quite natural and cause no serious visual changes.

Liquid Rescale

You can get the detailed information about this plug-in for GIMP in the special information section. After the installation, this option appears in the «Layer» menu.

Liquid Rescale

It is quite easy to work with the «Liquid Rescale» plugin: you should only set the new index of the image length and height and the plug-in decides itself what parts are to be lengthened and shortened.

If you want to preserve certain image parts without any changes, or to remove any of them, you should set the saving or deletion layer in the «Objects masks» insert. Therefore, you should click on the right page pictogram and fill the necessary areas.

Version for Windows. 838 Kb.

The official website of the plugin:


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