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G'MIC plug-ins set

G’MIC is a huge set of the plug-ins for GIMP (more than 100 items). This set contains the interpreter of its own scripts programming language and allows application of various effects and filters to GIMP images.

G'MIC plug-ins set
The examples of GMIC work, taken from the official site

G’MIC has the effects for the beginners as well as the experts. The set includes various filters: from different mosaics and to the filters of the noise removal with the help of various settings.

The interface of this GIMP plug-in allows selecting the necessary effects for the image without any problem, using the convenient settings menu.

G'MIC plug-ins set

This section offers the detailed information about the plug-in installation.

Latest version for Windows. 3.7 Mb.

Official website of the program:


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