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FreeType: work with the text in GIMP

FreeType Text is the plug-in that is intended for the extension of the options for work with the text in GIMP. It helps to convert the text layers.

FreeType plug-in gives you an opportunity to enlarge the text size, change letterspacing and use various methods of the letter outline smoothing. Moreover, you can turn the text, stretch it out horizontally and vertically, change its incline and edit it the way you like.

Плагин FreeType Text — работа с текстом в GIMP
FreeType plug-in window interface

FreeType Text plug-in turns the textual components into the curves and then works namely with them. Besides, you can receive the very curves and then work with them with the help of the «Curves» tool.

Plug-in can work with the already created layers. In order to work with the intended texts, you should place it into the special box where the edition occurs. This is the only disadvantage of this plug-in.

You can get the information about the supplements installation in the «Supplements Functioning and Installation» section.

Version for Windows. 340 Kb.


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