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The plug-ins are the programs that extend the functions of the graphic editor. The great number of the existing supplements is explained with the possibility to write the editor plug-ins in several programming languages; moreover, GIMP is the software with the open source code. We have gathered here the most popular and the most asked-for plug-ins.

This section offers the information about the supplement installation.

GIMP Presets new

Preset is setting for color tool that helps you quickly edit color of the photography. Only 5 seconds to process your photo using GIMP presets.

PSPI plug-ins

PSPI can attach some Photoshop .8bf dimension filters to GIMP.

Big G’MIC plug-ins set

It includes a wide choice of scripts (more than 100 items) for pictures editing. G’MIC has its own programming language interpreter for the creation of the effects.

GIMP FX Foundry filters set

This huge set of the scripts significantly extends rather many-sided GIMP functions.

Focus Blur plug-in

The plug-in creates a beautiful effect of the out of focus background blurring that can be gained with the help of special photography settings adjustment.

Save For Web plug-in

This plug-in presents the analogue of the same Photoshop function. The plug-in helps to find the compromise between the data file size, quality and expansion.

GIMP Paint Studio

It is a perfect tools set for the drawing in GIMP. The tools installation, qualitative brushes and textures turn GIMP into the full-fledged drawing software.

Layer Effects

The script imitates the Photoshop layers effect that is missing in GIMP. The script can create the effects, but does not help to open them in PSD files properly.

FreeType Text plug-in

This plug-in helps to work with the text in GIMP. It can bend, turn and modify the texts in GIMP in every possible way.

Selective zooming

This plug-in makes it possible to alter the image size, preserving the picture key objects.

Separate+ plug-in (CMYK in GIMP)

Separate+ allows changing of the RGB image color space into the CMYK color space with the help of GIMP.

UFRaw plug-in

This plug-in is aimed at the work with the RAW digital negatives. It can serve both as the GIMP plug-in and the separate software in Windows.


Besides the possibility to download free GIMP, you will find a section with FAQs for the beginners, the best brushes, various frames and plug-ins on our website. Also you can learn about the possibilities of GIMP, see the gallery of works made in this graphics editor and download costumes, calendars and templates free.

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